Wednesday, September 30, 2015

March Catch-Up

With so much going on in our life (lots of visits for Katie our foster daughter, doctor appointments, twice-a-week therapy, etc) we really felt the need to pull way back in terms of outside commitments. We basically dropped out of life. We used to belong to a community group at our church, I used to go to Women's Bible study, and have lots of playdates. We had something going on almost every night and every day. 

This past year has been an exercise in finding a peaceful balance. And what that meant for us was staying home as much as possible and finding learning opportunities right in our backyard. 

 April is ladybug season! We spent a lot of time checking our front yard to see newborn ladybugs emerging from their pupa stage. When they first come out, they are yellow and spot-less. Over the next few hours, they slowly go from yellow to red and get their spots. It's so fascinating to watch! 

 Children's Discovery Museum

Hiking at Uvas Canyon 
Natural Bridges with friends. 

We did a 5K as a family this year for the first time. It was fun and helped me learn more about my kids. The son I thought would poop out and not want to run turned out to be the one with the most endurance! And the one I thought would want to run the whole time only ran for the first minute. Lucy and Katie participated from the stroller. :)

Some peaceful at-home time. With me being busy with the baby so much, the boys took to reading Lucy her nap time story each day. They have grown so much this past year and have become such helpful young men. 

Natural Bridges again this month. 

 Our first outdoor meal of the season. We try to eat dinner outside as much as possible when weather permits. 

The boys worked a lot in their junk playground. They added a ladder, several ramps and bridges, and a platform.

My happy place. :)

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