Wednesday, September 30, 2015

April Catch-Up

Another thing that changed over the past several months, is that I started focusing on myself more. This may seem counterintuitive, considering I've been talking about how crazy our schedule has been and how much work our kids have been taking. But that was exactly why I felt I had to start focusing on myself. When mom's not healthy, it's hard to be a good mom. 

I started an eating plan called Whole30 which helped me drop all the weight I'd been holding on to since my last pregnancy six years ago. And I started running again. Only instead of using the treadmill (which I always have in the past, because it was more convenient for the family), I ran outside. I carved time out for myself every Saturday morning at dawn and I ran as far as I could go. It was such a time of peacefulness that I looked forward to each week.

 From one of my Saturday morning runs: I ran from my house to a trail that the kids and I frequent, and got halfway up before I totally lost steam. 

Having school time and lunch at our favorite nature hangout. 

 It's hard for Ben to get work done when little sisters are climbing on him. It's scenes like this that remind me why I homeschool.

 Natural Bridges with friends

 Another Saturday morning run.

 One day Tommy decided to raid our coin jar and line up the coins in order according to year. It brought a lot of interesting discussion about events that happened in particular years!

 Rainy day walk. Lucy found a little friend. 

 Katie getting into mischief.

 April is beautiful in Northern California. Rain storms make for green grass and beautiful clouds. This is from one of our afternoon family walks. 

Making pizza for dinner is a group effort.

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