Wednesday, September 30, 2015

July Catch-Up

Lucy turned three in July! She had a party with friends and family, and afterwards there was lots of outside play with a giant slip 'n slide. She specifically requested an orange cake, so she got it!

 Yes, Natural Bridges again. This beach trip was memorable because when I got the point of needing to leave the beach by a certain time, and I really didn't want to, I just didn't. We stayed as long as we possibly could. When we finally did pack up and drive away, the sun was just starting to set. And since it was mid-summer, that meant it was 8:00pm before we left. 

 The boys camped out in the backyard one night. One came in around 2am to slip into his warm bed, while the other one stayed the whole night. 

 Asilomar Beach in Pacific Grove. This was the most beautiful beach I've ever been to. I don't know if it's always this gorgeous or if God blessed our day, but it was amazingly gorgeous (did I say that already?) I didn't want to leave this beach either, but we eventually had to simply because they don't have any bathrooms! (If they did, I'd probably live there in a little tent). 

 Exploring tide pools with friends at Asilomar.

 I made moon dough one day for Katie to play with. It's just flour and oil mixed up until it's fluffy. Funnily enough, she didn't like it much, but the big kids couldn't get enough of the stuff! They played with it non-stop for days.

 At the Aquatic Center in our town. Ben decided to take the deep end test so he could swim in the deep pool and go off the diving board. He went off the highest board several times and had a blast. I was so proud that he decided to do something crazy like that all on his own. 

 More beach, this time in Monterey.

 More jumping off of high things into the water. 

 In the last week of July, the boys were at VBS at our church all week. Lucy really missed her brothers, so we drew pictures for them and she told me what to draw and write. It was so cute! The boys were so touched when they got home and saw the sweet pictures their sisters had made. 

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