Wednesday, September 30, 2015

August Catch-Up

We eased back into school back in July. I started all of our read alouds, but the boys didn't start written schoolwork until this month. Ben is in 2nd grade and Tommy is in 3rd/4th (he's between grades). It was providential that we started school so early in the year-- you'll find out why in the next post. 

 First day of school breakfast. Each kid got a back to school gift, which was a new book and some school supplies.

The boys and Lucy set up a restaurant on the deck on day. They played at this for hours. 

 We visited the Santa Cruz Natural History museum with friends. It was a very small museum, but there was lots of things to see. 

 More beach fun, in Monterey. :)

 What? More beach?? Yes. Only this time, Mark was with us (the only time he was able to go with us to the beach all year!) 

We got the unexpected gift of a time share at Lake Tahoe, given to us by a friend who wasn't able to use it for their week. I had never been there before, so it was really fun to be able to go.
 This is how a lot of time was spent, especially while the girls napped back in our room (with Mark staying with them, of course!)

The lake itself was so beautiful. Crystal clear water and mountains all around. Much different from the ocean beaches we're used to!

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