Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lucy is 2!

You seem to have gotten so much older in the last six months since your last update. You are speaking in sentences now, like "Mom, where blankie is?" and "Cow! He eat grass!" and "No, baby, that my water!" At first your sentences were garbled and mashed together (as in "nodonwannit!"), but in the last few weeks they have become very clear.  You say 'please' and 'thank you' which sound like "peas" and "wink you much!". You love to sing and will make up songs and sing them for up to ten minutes at a time. 

You just started to become attached to your blanket (which you call "binky"). Every morning you drag it out of bed and all over the house and demand "binky" when you're tired. 

You're not picky about food, you'll eat pretty much anything I put on your plate. You love cheese, watermelon, blueberries, mac 'n cheese, sweet potatoes and hot dogs (which you call "gok-gok"), and anything that resembles a hot dog.

A new foster baby came to live with us recently. You've been such a great big sister to her. You'll find her pacifier when she's fussy, give her toys to play with, and tickle her to make her laugh. 

You love to sing and dance.
You love pointing out the cows on the hills next to the freeway. ("Cow, mom!")
You love your daddy.
You love jumping on the couch.
You love shoes.
You love playing in water.
You love babies.
You love your big brothers.
You love to help me with whatever I'm doing.
You are such a joy to our family!