Saturday, January 25, 2014

18 Months!

You are 18 (almost 19) months old now! This has been a big few months for you with lots of big-girl changes.

You are a complete delight. You laugh easily. You love your brothers. If you don't see them for a while, you start wandering the house calling "Bobo!" to look for them. Your love for Daddy has grown this past month. You light up when you see him and will follow him all over the house when he is around.

You started walking in October, when you were almost 16 months. Nearly three months later you are running, trying to jump, and are climbing on everything you can find. You are very cautious though; if something seems unstable, you won't try to climb on it. Such a change from the boys!

Your language has really picked up in the last two weeks. You are repeating a lot of words I say to you and seem to really want to communicate. This is what you are saying now:

Bobo (our word for brother)
kiki (kitty)
dop (stop)
num (food)
tee (tree)
co (cold)
wee (swing)
hop (help)

You are good at using a spoon and fork to eat your food, and prefer them over using your fingers. You also like having a napkin so you can wipe your hands and face while you eat. You're such a little person! Also at meal times, when we say, "Ok, it's time to pray!" you will fold your hands, bow your head and start babbling to yourself, followed by "men!" It is so cute!

You transitioned to a big girl bed a few weeks ago. We had a toddler bed set up in your room for the last foster placement we had, and one day I just decided to put you in it for your nap. You only got out once, and then stayed and went to sleep. Speaking of naps, you have finally dropped your morning nap, just this past week. You held on to that morning nap for quite a long time!

Probably the biggest milestone for you is that you potty trained this week! See the previous post for more details about that. :)

Your next update will be when you turn 2 in July. I am so looking forward to these next months watching you grow and learn. 

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