Saturday, November 21, 2015

Our Month of October

October flew by! I feel like I say that with every month, but it really is true. I'm not sure if it's having four kids that makes the days fly by or the amount of stuff filling up our schedule. 

October was a fun month. We got lots of good schooling done and had lots of fun with friends. And Tommy turned 9!

One tradition that we have is that every Saturday morning Mark takes one of the kids on a "Daddy Date" for the breakfast place of their choice. This day Lucy was convinced it was her Daddy Date and she let Ben come along (even though it was really Ben's turn!)

Tommy turned 9! He got Legos and Pokemon cards for his birthday. 

Speaking of Legos, they were the main theme of this month. The boys put together complex machines and structures every spare moment they got. 

Typical school scene. Not shown are little sisters making messes underfoot. 

On one exciting day Tommy's grandma got a dump-truck load of gravel. What could be better than jumping into a big pile of rocks?  

Every Sunday, I take a picture of my growing belly to show my pregnancy progress. This Sunday everyone wanted in the picture! 

18 week belly. :)

A rare quiet moment, reading Garfield comics by the fire.

Fun field trip to the pumpkin patch with our homeschool friends.