Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why the New Blog?

We've had several homes for our blogs over the years - first we were on Blogger, then on Typepad.  When we got our Macs, we decided to switch to the blogging application called iWeb, that came with our computers, and so that's where our blog settled for about 2 years.  However, we started building up a list of grievances with that application, but still stuck with it because it wasn't bad enough to switch blogs again, and it was nice to have an application that worked with our other media applications (like iPhoto).

But this past weekend was the final straw when iWeb refused to publish our blog.  It would just shut down every time I tried to publish.  There is no fix for it that we can find, so this finally pushed us over the edge to find a new home for our blog.  So we compared blogging sites and decided that Blogger was the spot for us.  Good thing, too, since it's completely free!  

One major benefit of Blogger is that we can print a book of our blog.  This means that our blog can become the journal of our life that we can keep as a book.  This also gives me motivation for keeping our blog up to date, since it will serve as our family history.

I hope you'll check in with us often!

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