Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Weekend in Pictures

Saturday morning: helping Daddy clean up the yard.  All those pesky pugs lying around need to be moved! 

Taking a walk with a friend Saturday night in downtown Campbell at the Christmas festival

Sitting on a police motorcycle at the festival.  Tommy wanted to drive it.  He actually talked to the police officer, which I was very surprised at because he is normally too shy to talk to adults.  But police officers are just that cool.

Snow!  The Boy Scouts had a small hill of snow set up that kids could sled down. The boys loved it! 

Christmas season tradition: Sunday night we loaded the kids up with hot chocolate and drove around town looking the Christmas lights.  Tommy says, "Oh look Daddy, more Christmas lights!!" while Ben says "Big big lights!"  We saw this incredible house along the way.  It's like the Griswold house, but with elegance.

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