Thursday, December 17, 2009


Tommy loves puzzles.  If I leave him alone with a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle for 30 minutes and keep denying his requests for help (either because I'm actually busy or I know he doesn't really need help), he'll eventually put the whole thing together on his own.  

We picked this one up at the $1 section of Target this morning and he begged me to open the box and do it with him.  Finally after lunch, we worked on it together.  He certainly doesn't get his love of puzzles from me, because I find them frustrating and a bit boring.  Hopefully I'll come to like them someday, but at least right now I enjoy spending time with Tommy while he does them.

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  1. This is really impressive! Anna struggles even with 25 pieces on her own. I tried 100 once, and she checked out after 5 min.