Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tommy at 3 Years, 2 Months

This is your second month being a three-year old.  In some ways you seem so grown up that I think you should be starting kindergarten soon (probably because you look like you're five!), and in other ways you are still very much my baby.  You are very sensitive, you startle easily, and you prefer to play on your own rather than with other kids, unless they are your brother, cousins, or other close friends.  You get easily overwhelmed in social settings (kind of like your mom), and prefer to stick close to me or Daddy in these situations.  You love helping me in the kitchen and helping Daddy in his workshop.  

You love playing with Benji and have begun making up games for the two of you to play together.  Your favorite one is a chasing game, where you boys chase each other around the house, and eventually land on the floor together in a scuffle.

Here are some of your favorites:
Books:  Anything about cars, trucks, construction vehicles, fire trucks, or people associated with any of these. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Engine and Trashy Town are your current favorite books.

Shows:  You love Bambi and any show associated with a book that you like.  You currently like the Scholastic Storybook Treasures, which are shows based on books that we read.  You generally like shows or movies that are very mellow and happy.  You scare easily with shows that have any kind of conflict or alarming images.

Food:  You are still a vegetarian at heart, and will only eat a piece of meat if it is drowned in cheese or other sauce.  Your favorite foods are waffles, pancakes, and bagels.  

Toys:  You got a big kid Lego set for Christmas that you really like to build with.  You call them "my little Legos".  

Activities:  You love riding your bike and can go very fast, and can even stand up as you pedal, which you've realized helps you go up hills easier than sitting down.  You enjoy building things.  I think what you do is randomly stack blogs or Legos together and then when you're finished, you decide what the object should be, and usually it's a truck or a boat.  You also like to draw now more than you ever have.  You can draw faces and sometimes even cars and trucks.

New things:  You're completely potty trained now!  You wear underwear for naps and at naptime (no more pull-ups at all!), and you are able to go through the whole bathroom process completely by yourself, from pulling pants down to washing hands.  I'm so proud of you.  You are able to dress yourself on the bottom half, but don't seem to have motivation to learn how to put your shirt or jacket on.  I'm sure that will come some day.  You are enjoying wrestling with Benji more.  You used to scream every time he would tackle you, but I've been working with you on lightening up and playing more physically with Ben, and so now you invite him to jump on you and sometimes you even give him pony rides.
For reference:
Shoe size: 10
Shirt size: 5T
Pants size: 4T

Height: 41"
Weight: 39 lbs

Tommy drawing pictures

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  1. What an awesome post! It's funny - in many ways Tommy sounds so much like Anna even though he is a head taller. She also loves everything mellow and happy and prefers the company of adults and well known kids. Love his drawings and twirling - so cute.