Friday, December 11, 2009

Cookies with Cousins

Yesterday the boys' cousins came over to make gingerbread cookies.  What I thought would be a fun morning activity turned into a fun all day activity.  It had been a few years since I made gingerbread cookies, so I forgot exactly how time consuming it is, and that's even with preparing the dough the night before!  It took all morning just to cut out (and refreeze, re-roll, cut out, refreeze...well, you get the idea) and bake the cookies. We adjourned for nap time, then reconvened right afterwards to decorate.  Mark was SUPERDAD! and offered to head up the Decorating Committee, for which I was so thankful.  As you can see, it was a messy effort, but all the kids had a ton of fun.  

After the cookies were all done, both families shared an amazing lasagna together for dinner (made by Cameron).  It was a fun day, and I know my boys loved having their cousins around all day.

Before four toddlers/preschoolers got their hands on them

Getting lessons on proper frosting techniques

Working hard on Gingerbread Man's face

Needs more pink!

Tommy's creation - the black dots at the bottom are feet

A very small sample of some of our cookies


  1. Those look yummy! We are going to a big cookie decorating party this Sunday - this should be fun!

  2. Natalie, one amazing side effect from cookie decorating is that Tommy is now really into drawing faces. Before he would only scribble on paper, but now after decorating cookies, he's actually drawing faces on paper. Maybe something about drawing with sugar made a connection in his brain, LOL. I hope you have a great time decorating cookies tomorrow!