Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quotable Kids

I wish I could record much of what the kids say all day, because they are a riot. This is only a tiny sampling of the things they say, which I happen to remember to write down when I have a chance. There is also a good number of quotes which I daren't repeat because they consist largely of talk about potty issues and body parts. Lovely, huh? Then there are the conversations about heaven and hell, which are way too complicated (and confusing) to record. Suffice it to say that the boys are at a fun age where talking to them is an adventure.

Kid Quotes:
From Tommy:
"Mommy, I pushed Benji. But then I said I was sorry and gave him his blankie. So it's okay." 
Tommy: "Mommy, I want to go all the way down the trail." 
Me: "We need to turn around now.  (Jokingly) we can go further once we condition Benji's muscles." 
Tommy: "But I really want to go more." 
Benji: "No, Tommy, I need my muffles!"
Me: "Tommy, look at that big dragonfly!"
Tommy: (looking thoughtful for a few moments) "Do dragonflies roar at you?"
(While reading Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3 which has the line, "These apples taste like heaven!"
Tommy: "That's silly! Heaven is in the sky! We can't eat heaven!"
Tommy: "Mommy, I don't want to go to the kind of school where you drop me off and leave me alone. I want to school with you at home."

Things I never thought I'd say:
"Tommy, please don't hang that dolly on the banana holder."
"Ben, your elbow does not belong in your cup."
"Tommy, please do not stab your eye with that fork."
"Benji, honey, please don't lick the car."
"Tommy, please don't put your mouth on ______ [the floor, your brother's face, the dog, the sink.....]


  1. Louanne10:12 PM

    Love this! "Benji, honey, please don't lick the car," got a chuckle out loud from me. :)

  2. I got a few chuckles reading this. I always try to capture Anna's quotes, because they are so honest and "new". I hope to reread them with her when she is older.