Monday, September 6, 2010

Family Vacation

We got home late Friday night from our first long family vacation. It was a blast! Last Sunday we drove Mark's parents' RV down to the San Diego area to visit some beaches, LegoLand and the San Diego Zoo. We had a lot to learn about traveling in and living in an RV. Although I can't say our vacation was relaxing, we all had a great time and got to experience lots of amazing things together. We're looking forward to doing more trips in the RV and having more family adventures together. 

We tried to make the vacation time special by doing things we don't normally do, like letting the kids watch lots of shows and eating sweets throughout the day.

This was taken right before Ben mortally wounded Tommy's Tag Reader - up until it broke, it was the activity of choice while they were stuck in their seats during the 9-hr long drive.


Pier at Pismo Beach - the boys had enjoyed looking down through the cracks of the boards at the water sloshing below us

More vacation treats - popcorn before bed!

Pancake and egg breakfast before the day starts - one of the benefits of driving around with a kitchen in the back of your vehicle.

Tommy's favorite thing to do at LegoLand was to drive these tiny Lego Volvos around - he was a pretty good driver, too.

"Look, Mommy, I'm picking Bob's nose!"

A favorite (and only) souvenir from the zoo - giraffe puppet that collapses when you push the button under it's base (for the life of me, I can't find a name for this toy). This little guy was named "Bambi" by Ben, Tommy's version is "Frederick".

There was a little bit of this - not as much as we would have liked, though. We were guaranteed at least one hour of pure and blessed silence during the each drive when the kids would pass out.


  1. It looks like a fantastic trip - I have a dream of taking a RV vacation one day (as long as Lars is driving :))

  2. It looks like you had a great time. You got some beautiful photos!