Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feeling Crafty

Since the our move four months ago and all of the upheaval of schedules that ensues with that process, I've been slacking off in the craft department. Well, I made up for it this week. It's probably because I've been stuck at home with a runny-nosed child for the past five days that has put me in the mood to break out the tempura paints (and the very non-washable acrylic paints). It's been interesting to see the great care that Tommy puts into his painting these days - I remember just six months ago when he put little care into painting or coloring. Benji is mostly interested in mixing colors to achieve Brown. This week we painted the letter B (to make up for missing our preschool co-op) and learned about mixing blue and yellow to make green. We also painted rocks, which was the boys' idea.

Notice the tongues sticking out in these last two photos. ;-)


  1. Love the concentration in those faces! I remember painting rocks all the time when I was young, but there are no nice big flat ones like that around our house. I'll have to remember to keep an eye out for some when we're out at the park. What a great idea!

  2. B is for Brown, right? Stone painting is quite popular here as well since I introduced it last year.