Friday, March 5, 2010

Week in Photos

Things have been pretty busy this week, so I'm taking the easy way out by posting the photos that happened to be on my camera this week. 

Last Friday was when we got word that we were moving into a new house soon, and that we will be living on this gorgeous property (and this is only a quarter of our backyard!):

Little explorers.

Little guy, all tuckered out.  (Yes, people, he does actually sleep!)

My sister-in-law, Cameron, had a baby on Monday and we watched her girls for a day while her parents stayed with her in the hospital. The cousins had a great time playing together. Here they are working on a puzzle together:

Cousin love.

Since I've begun packing, the boys are finding all sorts of fun things to play with, like shelves (yes, he did climb up here all by himself)...

and boxes. Should've seen this coming.


  1. That picture of Ben in the shelf will be great to show on his wedding day ;) Did you buy half of your town - your property looks gigantic!

  2. Exciting news about your new house, and great photos! Ben is quite the climber!