Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Hollow

For the past four days, we've been working from sun-up to sun-down to get our house ready to list on the market and start showing this week. It's been a very busy and tiring week, and we didn't get to see the kids much. So on Sunday we went to Happy Hollow a local amusement park & petting zoo so we could take some time out and enjoy being together as a family. It was so much fun to see the boys excited about going to the park and see their faces light up as they kept seeing new places to explore. The only downside was that we accidentally went on "Member's Preview Day" (we had no idea!), so the park was absolutely jam packed with parents and toddlers. We'll have to remember to come back on a dull weekday next time!

Tommy on the carousel. 

Ben trying to feed a goat from his hand. 

Tommy succeeding in feeding a goat from his hand.

Having a moment with a sheep.

The boys' first amusement park ride! This is one of the sacrifices they don't tell you about before you become a parent: that you will stand in line for 15 minutes, survive another 5 minutes of ride setup and lockdown, just to see the look of pure joy (or in this case, slight uneasiness) on your children's faces for 2 minutes.

This maze was the best part of the whole park. Ben took one look at those walls and decided they were something to be climbed over instead of run around like all the other kids were doing. Both he and Tommy spent about 15 minutes climbing the walls here. You can see Tommy in the faaaar corner of the maze in the red striped shirt.

See all these kids climbing on this rock? Yeah, my 2 year old was the instigator of this.


  1. I am most jealous of the fact that you are wearing sandals and your kids are not wearing jackets. I'm moving, I hope you have a spare room!

  2. We were going to check out the new Happy Hollow too one of these weekends. Probably it would make more sense for Lars and Anna to go on work day. It sounds like they did a good job on renovating. The first picture of Tommy is so cute!