Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pinnacles National Monument

Today we took the boys to Pinnacles National Monument.  It was a dream come true for boys who love to climb, for here was a place full of fun rocks to scramble all over! On the way there, Mark told Tommy that the huge rocks were formed many years ago by volcanos. Tommy missed a few words out of Mark's explanation, and so the whole time at the park, he kept yelling, "Wow, look at that big big volcano! That's a BIG one!" The weather was beautiful and perfect: sunny and warm with a breeze that cooled us down at just the right times. The boys had a great time running down the trails and climbing rocks.

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  1. You chose the perfect time for this hike - it's going to be so hot very soon. I feel bad for being sick and missing out on taking full advantage of this beautiful weather :(