Friday, February 27, 2009

Tommy Thinks Pink

Does this dress lie in our future?  I’ve asked Tommy a few times over the past couple of weeks whether he’d like a little sister or a little brother.  One-hundred percent of the time he says “sister”.  He knows there is a baby in mommy’s tummy (not anatomically correct, but whatever...I’m not ready to introduce the word ‘uterus’ quite yet) so when I ask him if he thinks the baby is a girl or boy, he says girl 100% of the time.  Is there something to this?  I actually think there is.

On the message board I belong to for Tommy’s birth month/year, I mentioned my conversations with him regarding the sex of our baby.  I got back lots of comments about how other moms’ children also correctly predicted the sex of their baby.  One woman’s 2 year old actually told her that she was pregnant weeks before she even tested positive!  Do these little people know something we don’t?  We’ll find out in 3 weeks if Tommy is correct!

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