Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fishy Business

Hi, Mark here. I thought I would put up a post about one of my hobbies, fish keeping. I first got an aquarium over a year ago, just before Ben was born. I have learned a lot since then.  I have loved aquariums my whole life. I have always been awed by the tranquil fantasy world you could create full of light, color and life.  When I see a beautiful aquarium, I really want to live inside it.

Until recently I thought that the hobby would be boring and a lot of work.  Well, it does take patience, but if you keep everything in order, the work is minimal.

Aquariums are worlds in a box.  You create whole ecosystems and nurture them to life.  Far from boring, there is so much activity and beauty to see. On a daily basis I find myself stopping to watch, often pulling up a chair. A very enjoyable hobby. Thanks for reading.

Spring 2008 - My first tank, 30 gallons

Fall 2008 - The 30 gallon is thriving

January 2009 - My new 60 gallon

Feb 2009 - With CO2 injections, the plants are exploding with growth. The green stalks in the back grow about 2 inches a day

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