Monday, February 16, 2009

Conversations with Tommy

Tommy’s language has exploded lately.  He picks up so much of what we say, which makes us so thankful that our speech is clean, save for the occasional fart or burp joke.  Here are some samples of Tommy’s cute sayings:
“Bizzit?” = What is it?
“Biter-biter” = Firefighter
“Choshat-mote” = Chocolate milk
“Her okay, Mommy?” - whenever I bump myself and exclaim “ouch!”

Here is a recent bedtime conversation:
Me:  Time to pray, Tommy
Tommy: Lord, thank you...
Me: [repeats]
Tommy: For Benji.
Me: [repeats]....Is there anything else?
Tommy: (pauses)...for Jesus.

Atta boy.  :)

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