Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lucy at 15 Months

You are 15 months, Lucy!

You are so incredibly cute and pack a lot of personality in your little 20 %ile body. You are not afraid to make your opinion known. 

Your brothers totally adore you. As I'm writing this you are playing outside with them. They are building you a house out of our deck furniture and are laughing with delight when you crawl around inside. Every morning they rush to your bedroom door and push each other out of the way so they can be the first to greet you. 

You've started standing on your own and can stand for about thirty seconds without falling. You are cruising and pushing stools around the kitchen floor. You even took two steps a few days ago! I think you'll be full-on walking in a month or two.

You babble a TON. It's incredibly adorable. Words you are saying:

puppah - (puppy)
bah-bay - (so big)
woah-woah - (bo-bo, from "bro-bro")

You're not always sunshine. This is what happened when I insisted that you eat a bite of egg. High drama, I tell ya. 

One of Bo-Bo's creations he built just for you. 

Your brothers love pushing you around the kitchen like this. :)

Even those this isn't a very good picture, I love it because it shows your spunk!

Cuddles with your other Bo-Bo

More drama. I don't remember what this was about, but it must have been very sad, indeed!

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  1. These pictures are adorable. It's so heart warming to see Lucy with her big brothers There is a book called The Magic Poof where the character has Lucy's hair :)