Saturday, October 5, 2013


We are two full months into our homeschooling year. We've settled into a rhythm. Most days are good, as long as my expectations are basic and I don't push anyone to do more than they are able. Then there are the days when one or more of us wake up on the wrong side of the bed and it's a challenge to be kind to each other. Those are the days when sometimes schooling gets set aside and we just work on being nice to each other. 

Tommy's favorite subject is piano. He says, "It's fun to play and to show people what I've learned." Ben's favorite subject is math, because "I get to learn new things." 

It's been neat to watch the boys flourish this year. Tommy is really like his new freedom in being able to choose his own schedule for the day. And Ben, who used to be very resistant to learning anything in the past, is doing well this school year. He is taking off in math, reading, and writing. He will even sit with his books and do work when it's not school time! 

We are really plowing through school. At this rate, we will be "officially" done with school by April, but of course that is not accounting for Life's curve-balls. My plan is to do as much as we can before our fourth little one comes along, because I know from experience that school will come to a screeching halt once that happens!

Tommy's coloring-book version of Starry Night (for picture study). 

Ben's volcano (for science)

This is what school time generally looks like for us. Even Lucy does school! She likes sitting with the boys and drawing. 

Lucy watching 'Bo-bo' practice piano

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  1. It's awesome that Tommy is learning piano. I wish we could be done with school by April, but then we would be already "done" about now with second grade :) Good luck with #4!