Monday, May 21, 2012


Tommy and Ben have entered a new phase of catching critters and keeping them in jars. I've been saving jars of all sorts for the past few years, hoping that they would be useful some day. I never thought they'd be useful as a house for various creatures like insects, lizards, frogs, and poisonous spiders.

We let the kids keep the critters for as long as they're safe, then we make them release their little friends. One day Tommy caught three frogs and put them in the same jar. He discovered that if he rolled the jar slowly, the frogs would jump along, kind of like a froggie exercise wheel. This kept him captivated for quite awhile, until I made him give the poor frogs a break.

I was the hero the day I caught a black widow spider and popped her in a jar. I eventually let her go, far away from the house. It was really interesting for us to be able to watch and study this spider up close, without worrying about getting bitten.

This new phase has me saying things I never thought I'd say. Like, "Please take the frog outside. Why? Because I don't want frogs jumping around my house." and "No, you cannot keep the black widow forever." 

Each new day brings a new set of critters. I can't wait to find out what tomorrow brings.

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  1. Ewwww - black widow! No way I am catching and keeping that one! You are a cool boys' mom :)