Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cherry Picking

Each year the first of the trees in our orchard to ripen is our cherry tree. For the past two years, our cherries have always been full of bug larvae (gross, right?), rendering them inedible. But this year we finally got wise. We put tanglefoot around the base of each fruit tree a few months ago when our trees were flowering. Tanglefoot is tar-like sticky stuff that is supposed to attract harmful insects away from the fruit. It looks like it did the trick because we didn't have any larvae this year. 

Figuring out what to do with a tree-full of cherries hasn't been that difficult. We picked three quarts of cherries and served them at a party, where they were devoured in an hour. The next day we picked another two quarts, and they were almost all gone by the end of the day just from our family eating them. 

In another week, we'll have another ripe cherry tree. And in another month or so, we'll have peaches. I love summer!

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  1. How amazing! I'm so jealous. They look delicious!