Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baby B at 2 Months

You are two months old already! This last month has really flown by. 

Here's what you're up to:

- You started smiling earlier this month. Usually when I'm singing a silly song, but also when I engage in your 'babble'. Which brings me to...
- You coo and "talk". You make the cutest little baby sounds and are delighted (see "smiling", above) when I answer your sounds in 'conversation'.
- Your naps and schedule have solidified and have remained consistent this month: you are very awake and alert in the morning, then you have a nice long nap in the afternoon right after lunch, and then you're awake a lot in the evening because...
- The evening is your fussy time. You take a quick catnap in the late afternoon and then are awake (and not too happy about it) the rest of the evening. This can make dinner prep rather difficult, but usually you're happy to be my sous-chef in the Ergo.
- You weigh 12 lbs and you're still in 0-3 month size clothes. 
- Your cries have changed from last month. They have more character and definition now, so I can tell your "Feed-me-right-now!" cry from your Noises of General Complaint. When I come to the crib to answer your Complaining Cry, you're all smiles and happy to see me. Sometimes you'll even stop your Feed-me-right-now! cry and change into a Complaining Cry when you see me. It's so sweet.
- Your limit of awake time is still about 1 hour, though in the evening you are awake a bit longer because of your fussiness.
- You are still a very good daytime sleeper. I swaddle you and lay you down and you go right out. 
- You've been (begrudgingly) doing some tummy time. I'll prop you up on the Boppy pillow, but your limit is about 5 minutes before you start your Complaining Cry.
- We recently started napping you at least once a day in your little PeaPod tent to get you used to it. You weren't a big fan for the first day, but now you seem to feel at home in it because you go right out, just like in your crib.
- Just this past week you started to sleep through the night. For the past five days you've been sleeping from 7pm until 7am, with a dream feed right before I go to bed, around 9:30 pm. (A 'dream feed' is where you simply pick baby up while still asleep and nurse or give a bottle. It fills up their tummy and keeps them satisfied for a longer period at night. We did this with each of our boys and it was wonderful!) For the first two nights I gave you some 'encouragement' with sleeping through the night - you would start stirring and breaking your swaddle between 5-6am, but I re-wrapped you, gave you a pacifier and you went back to sleep until 7/7:30. For the past two nights you've slept straight through without waking up!

Your foster brothers continue to adore you. Tommy loves to hold you and feed you, and almost every day he asks, "Can't we keep her forever, mom?" It's safe to say you are loved very much, Baby B! We can't wait to see how you change and grow in the next month!


  1. Louanne10:07 PM

    Aw, so much preciousness! Tommy's question about keeping her forever brings tears to my eyes. Whether or not you keep her in your home, I have a feeling she'll be forever in your hearts. What a blessing to get her off to such a good start surrounded by so much love. :) Louanne

  2. Wonderful story! Baby B is so very lucky, and it looks like you take her evening fussiness in stride. This too shall pass and oh so quickly!

  3. Yunita11:32 AM

    Thanks for sharing the progress. I'm glad she sleeps through the night! Mommy and Daddy need their sleep too :)
    Baby B is so blessed and glad that your family enjoyed having her as well.

  4. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Any child put into the CPS system, would be LUCKY to be placed in a home like yours. May God bless you in your journey and I'll keep Baby B in my prayers so that you are able to keep her in your family.

    For he strengthens the bars of your gates; he blesses your children within you.
    Psalm 147:13