Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photos for Daddy

Mark used to work from home every day for almost seven years. When we had kids, he was able to pop out of his office now and then to see what they were up to: to see their art projects, a story they just made up, or a cool building they made. Now that Mark works outside the home, he misses an awful lot of the fun stuff going on at home. So I use my phone to send him photos throughout the day of what the kids and I are up to. He loves receiving random photo texts when he's at work because it makes him feel more connected to what's going on with us. Here's a sampling of the last few weeks of "Daddy Photos":

Feeding Baby B 

Tommy working on his reading lesson, Ben working on writing his numbers. Don't be fooled by the tranquility of this scene; it only lasted for about five more minutes before both kids decided they'd had enough of it and wandered outside to find bugs.

Somewhere in San Jose. On Tuesday afternoons we drop Baby B off at the Social Services building for her visitation with her mom, and then explore the park across the street. The kids had fun playing hide-and-seek in this statue.

 This is one of the many things that occurs when you give children free access to scissors, tape, and string: they make beards for themselves. Among many other things.

"Shirts" made out of shopping bags. At first, the boys were using the shopping bags to sack race each other around the house. But when their legs popped through the bottoms, they decided to use them as shirts. 

 A lizard that Tommy caught and wanted to save until Dad came home to see it. He named it John. He asked me to find out what lizards eat. My best guess based on a quick Google search was that they eat bugs, so we spent a lot of time digging up roly-polies to feed to John. He didn't touch them.  

If you know our youngest, you wouldn't be surprised at this one. But a word of explanation: while playing hide-and-seek with the boys one afternoon, I thought would be funny to climb the tree when it was my turn to hide. The boys thought it was so cool that I got up there, and they begged me to help them climb the tree. Being the cool boy mom that I am, I obliged. And then sent a picture of it to their father.

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  1. Love Tommy's beard - how hilarious! I am sorry that Mark has to miss all these special moments.