Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This past weekend our family took a small road trip to the Sequoias. The trip was prompted because we drove Mark's grandma to see her son (Mark's uncle) who lives in the area. We thought we'd drop her off and drive a little bit further and have some fun in the mountains, and maybe see the world's hugest tree on earth. What we didn't realize was how far away everything was! It was about an hour and a half from his uncle's house to Sequoia National Park, and then another two hours driving up five thousand feet in elevation on the windiest roads I've ever driven. Although it was a ton of driving, we had a lot of fun.

We stopped by the Kaweah River and played in the mud and the water. It was only two feet deep at its deepest parts (at the point where we were), so it was perfect for the boys to play and splash in. 

As we were hiking to see the General Sherman tree, we came upon a bear, which we affectionately named Number One by us because of his fancy yellow ear tag. He was  munching on a pinecone on the side of the trail and seemed to be unbothered by the human around him. He reminded me of pigeons in New York City that will walk right underneath your chair while you drop your lunch crumbs. Mark walked towards him and the bear lumbered off to find another pinecone to munch.

HUGE sequoia.

Tired boys after a day of hiking at 5000 ft. elevation.

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  1. This is one of the few State Parks we haven't visited yet. I guess it was warm enough for the boys to go splashing. Mark is pretty brave to approach a bear like that - it looks like you all have had a great time there.