Saturday, October 15, 2011

Preschool Week 6

HIghlights of preschool this week:

Watercolor painting. This was the first time the boys kept the watercolors separate. They usually see how quickly they can mix the colors to make brown. I made sure to get 'real' watercolor paper because the results are so much nicer than using regular printer paper or butcher paper.

Tommy spent a lot of time making lists of words. He would look around the room to see what objects he could spell. I love his creative spelling. See if you can find: Gloo (glue), Pexl (pencil), Buc (book), Papr (paper), Pichr (pitcher), and of course, dog, robot, and pot.

One day Tommy had the idea for an "adventure walk". He wanted to take a walk in the opposite direction of our house from where we normally take walks. Normally, we'd turn left out of our street and walk down to the high school down the street. But this time he wanted to turn right and go over a nearby overpass to look at the cars on the freeway below. 

He made a map of our neighborhood and plotted our course as we walked. I have to admit that I wasn't crazy about this walk, since it involved walking towards heavier traffic and paths that aren't exactly pedestrian-friendly. But he was SO excited about doing this that I couldn't say no. 

Tommy learned how to play mancala.

We had very warm temperatures this week, so the boys were often found playing outside with water making mud puddles in the dirt or rivers in their sandbox. 

I backed off of our Bob reading lessons a bit this week because Tommy was getting frustrated with them (and I was getting frustrated with him!) But then one night he took it upon himself to read a book to Ben:


  1. I love Tony's fearless spelling - Anna tends to be way more cautious because she hates making mistakes. Great video of him reading - yay!

  2. Looks like they are learning lots! It is so fun at this age when they are learning so fast.

    great pics, thanks for sharing.