Sunday, October 9, 2011

Preschool Week 5

This week in preschool we: 

Read aloud*

Played outside

Played board games

Had (lots of) friends over

Played with clay for the first time

Had a Bob Book reading lesson every day

Had a blanket & lunch picnic in the living room on a rainy day

Free play

Both kids were very interested in drawing and writing. I often found them like this.

*Last Monday I went to a Mom's Night Out arranged by my church's homeschool support group. It's not your normal Mom's Night Out at a bowling alley or nail salon, but rather it was an evening where all the members give advice about a certain topic. What I heard there was advice that I've heard a lot before, but hearing it repeated over and over made it since deeper into my brain: 1) READ ALOUD! 2) Read some more! 3) Don't stress out about things, especially with kids below first grade. 

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  1. Great picture. Tommy's pencil grip is really good. Living room picnic sounds lovely!