Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tree House

Ever since we moved into our house the boys have asking constantly for Mark to build them a fort like we had at our old house. We've had so many more important house projects to get done that building a fort was always at the very bottom of the list. But this month we finally got to the point of being able to build them a fort. And when I say 'we', I of course mean 'Mark', because I can't be trusted with a tape measure and a saw.

He used only wood that we had in a pile of scrap in the back of our property, leftovers from various structures we've taken down since moving in. It took him about four afternoons to complete. The boys are thrilled to have a tree house. 

A few days ago while I was busy working on something in the house, I noticed that it got very quiet - usually something worthy of investigation. The boys weren't in the house, and they weren't in the backyard. Then I remembered about the tree house, so I looked in the way back of our property to see if they were there. There they were: at the tree house, Tommy pushing Ben on the swing. It was a sweet moment, made possible by my awesome handy husband. 

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