Thursday, March 3, 2011

Being Brudders

One of the things I prayed for a lot when I was pregnant with Ben was that my two boys would get along well together. God has answered my prayer beyond what I could have imagined. Tommy and Ben are best buddies. Of course, they have their usual sibling moments of fighting over toys or being too rough with each other. I suppose that is unavoidable with two little kids. But their relationship is generally characterized by a lot of love and caring for each other. They are each other's buddy from the time they bound down the hallway first thing in the morning until the time tell each other bathroom jokes before falling asleep at night. It makes my heart very glad to see my children show so much love to each other and to enjoy spending time together. I pray that this affection will continue throughout their lives. 

Here are some recent examples of "being brudders":

One afternoon Tommy woke up from nap much earlier than Ben. We fixed three snacks (one for me, one for Tommy, one for Ben) and then ate our two snacks. When Ben woke up about thirty minutes later, Tommy brought his snack and his water cup to him in bed. Then Ben shared some of his snack with Tommy. Awwww....

"Being brudders" - the boys have a game where one will lay on the other's lap and they say they're "being brothers". After a few minutes, this usually turns into one of two games: pretending to be a baby, complete with pretend crying and pretend tantrums, or a full-on wrestling match. But it's incredibly heartwarming while it lasts.

Tommy "reading" a book to Ben. The cuteness occurring here was at such high levels that we had to take a video of it to capture the moment. 

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