Tuesday, February 8, 2011

School Time

Lately I've been experimenting with fitting some school time into our day. I've realized that it works best to give the boys playtime right after breakfast, then have a family devotion, then have more playtime, and then have school time. I'm hoping to have 15-30 minutes each day where we can have a purposeful time of learning, even if we just put an alphabet puzzle together or draw with crayons.

On this day, they practiced writing letters in sand, an activity I learned of from a preschool teacher friend of mine. It's said that kids learn best when they are using as many of their senses as possible, which is why we have colored sand and they are using their fingers to trace. Benji mastered "O", and Tommy got some help writing his "M"s (since he usually spells his name T-O-W-W-Y. Of course, they also had to draw silly faces, which is what Tommy is doing in his photo.

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  1. Good luck - I am curious to see how your purposeful learning will evolve over time.