Wednesday, August 28, 2013


On Friday, August 23rd, Lucy's adoption was finalized! She is officially and completely ours!

She came into our lives almost exactly nine months ago. There were no complications to her case, so all the waiting was just the nature of the process.

Lucy's adoption was finalized two years (almost to the day) after this post was written, where we announced that we were starting the process of becoming foster parents. Crazy, huh? 

Lucy's name means as of light. Ever since she came into our lives, one of my prayers for her is that she would bring light to all who meet her. She certainly does bring light to everyone she meets - she is so sweet and makes everyone smile. She is quick to giggle and she has an infectious belly laugh.

The boys are totally taken by her. They showed her a lot of attention when she first came home, but I always wondered if they would lose interest at some point. To the contrary, they have only grown in their love and attention to her. They read stories to her, hold her hands while she toddles around, hoist her into her highchair for mealtimes, play peek-a-boo... a dozen times a day my heart smiles as I watch my big kids loving on their little sister. We call them 'Bo-Bo' to her, which evolved from "brother".

Listening to the judge go over the finalization procedure.

All finalized!

The adoption announcent we made to send out to family and friends.

Over the next few weeks, we will be working on updating our adoption home study so we can be put back on the matching list to adopt another little one. It will probably be a few months until our home study is completed, and then a few months (at best) after that until we are matched again. Keep us in your prayers, and be praying for the next little one who will one day be ours.


  1. What a beautiful, heartwarming story. Congratulations to you and your family! I'm so thrilled you were able to fulfill your dream.

  2. What a blessing! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous1:31 PM

    yay, congrats!!!!

    May God continue to bless your growing family!! Thanks for sharing your journey in this blog, it's been a true blessing!!