Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This Kid...

...has reached the age of guns. He will make a gun out of anything. Our best guess is that he learned about guns from watching Wall-E, where the EVE character tries to blast Wall-E with her laser gun. He doesn't realize yet that guns normally shoot bullets and hurt people (I think we'll leave that part out for awhile). 

In Tommy's world, guns usually shoot water or fire, and they're used against imaginary "bad guys", or the brothers will take turns being bad guys. I have no idea where he learned about the concept of 'bad guys' -- maybe just more innate knowledge that surfaces once boys turn 3½? This is his latest invention, a "water sprayer" made of Tinkertoys.

1 comment:

  1. Anna has the concept of "bad guys" down pat, but we read Tommy dePaola book that had "a Bad Guy" in it. She usually loves to play bad guys with her sword. I like Tommy's gun - very creative.