Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ready to Move In!

For the last month, many people have been working hard to make our house beautiful before we move in. The floors were finished early this week and now it's finally time to move in! Someday when I have a lot of time on my hands (ha!) I'll post before/after pics so people can grasp the full depth of the transformation that occurred here. 

Living Room

(I love looking down the hallway and seeing the different colors of the rooms shining through the doorways)

Kitchen (from entryway)

Kitchen (from dining room)

Dining Room

Master Bedroom (the sliding window is new)

Master Bedroom, Master Bath, and Office (formerly a walk-in closet)

Extra bedroom (hopefully Knapp baby #3's nursery someday)

Boys' Bedroom


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm curious why you, in California, have two fireplaces in your house and I, in Pennsylvania, have none. Ah, of life's mysteries. :)

  2. The house looks really nice now! I hope we can come and visit soon :)