Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'd Like to Thank All the Little People...

I'm normally not fond of posting pictures of myself, but since it's Mother's Day, and well, I'm the mom in this equation, I thought I'd post some memorable pictures of me and the little people who elected me to the amazing position of "Mommy". Without knowing it or even trying to, you boys have taught me so much about patience, sacrifice, unselfishness, and kindness. I look forward to many more Mother's Days with my little people, and hopefully more little ones.

My first minute as a mom...I'm doing a great job so far.

Week two of motherhood.

Month 7 - Tommy is already climbing on top of his little brother, who is about 9 weeks gestation

Month 9

Month 15, snuggling with newcomer Benji

Month 17, (literally) trying to juggle this new job of being mother to two

Month 23, juggling the little people is getting a lot easier

Year 2 - Sneaking a snuggle from 10 month old Benji

Year 2 - Now the little people are juggling me!

Sick little people are the best snugglers

She's number one! (ha, just kidding, I think Tommy was pointing to an airplane)


  1. This is so precious, Autumn! It makes me want to get more pictures of myself with the boys on the other side of the camera. Happy Mother's Day to one of the mommies I admire most! <3

  2. Jen Dudley7:10 AM

    Autumn, this is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Such a great reminder of our early journeys... challenging and so special. I'm with Eileen: you're an awesome mom! Happy mother's day.

  3. Great pictures! I hope you had a great Mother's Day! All the pictures are so special.