Thursday, April 1, 2010

New House, New Photos

Our new house closed escrow yesterday (yay!) and the previous owners cleared out all of their personal effects, so now we're finally able to show photos of the house. Mark, his mom, and a team of four workmen labored for about ten hours yesterday to clear the house of debris and to prepare it to be tented for termites. Even so, these should be viewed as "Before" photos, since we will be making major repairs in the next two weeks, including installing hardwood floors and painting all the rooms. We'll be able to move in in about two weeks. I can't wait!

Outside, Front

Living room

Part of kitchen

Dining Room

Outside Dining Room (that window on the right is the same window in the above photo)

Back deck

Other side of deck

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  1. Wow, the backyard and deck are gorgeous, and I am sure that you will make the rest of the house great too. Congratulations!