Monday, June 15, 2009

A Monday with Daddy

Mark is taking off from work Monday through Wednesday so we can have a stay-cation.  Today was our first day of stay-cation and we had a lot fun this morning.  We ate a donut breakfast at our Cal-Train station and watched the big machines move dirt around.  Tommy and Ben were fascinated watching the excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes, and bulldozers all buzzing around.  I think we’ll be having a lot more weekend breakfasts here over the next few months to watch construction.  

After the boys got their fill of  watching the big machines, we went to the playground to burn off all the sugar they’d just ingested (to be honest, Ben just had a bagel with butter & honey, but it looked enough like the donuts big brother was having that he didn’t protest.)  Both kids ran around the playground climbing, jumping, swinging, sliding, and see-sawing until Daddy said “Time to go to the car wash!”    So off to the car wash we went. 

It’s really so much fun to go through a car wash and watch the kids’ faces as they look at the arms, brushes, and water working on the car. They’re interested, but also a bit unnerved by what is going on just a few inches away from their faces on the other side of their glass.  Despite their slight discomfort, Tommy is always so excited to go through the car wash and this made his morning.  

The boys have loved having Daddy all to themselves today...and I can’t wait to have Daddy all to myself the next two days!

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