Monday, May 28, 2007

Tommy is Crawling!

Img 4446Today Tommy started crawling. He is just 2 days shy of being 7 months old.

He has been playing with the idea of crawling for a few weeks now. He would take a step with his hand, then backup and sit down. Then he would go back to all fours and take another step. We didn't want to announce he was crawling until he really was.

Well, something clicked today. We think Tommy being naked, but for his diaper, helped. Regardless, out of the blue this morning, he started doing a perfect crawl for three feet at a time. And then again. And again.

Autumn and I were over-joyed. We had already baby-proofed the house, but we did another sweep, just to make sure. We need to start changing our lifestyles a bit, starting today. Doors and closets need to stay closed and latched. We need to be aware of everything that is on the floor at any given time.

Cheers, Tommy!


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