Friday, April 6, 2007

5 Month Report

Tommy turned 5 months last week and there are a few new things going on.  First, he's decided that he's ready for solid foods, so I've has been feeding him squash at lunch time for the past few days.  It's been going a lot better than when we first tried solids a month ago.  He opens his mouth wide when he sees the food and actually swallows, instead of just pushing it out.  I'm getting better at keeping his hands away from his mouth, and I'm proud to say that when I fed him today, I only got food in and around his mouth!  Not on his hands, not in his ear, nor on his shirt.

Also, his feeding schedule is changing , which I'm very happy about.  After eating every 3 hours for 4 months, he's transitioning to a 4 hour schedule.  A normal routine these days is wake up at 7am to eat, go down for a nap around 8:30, wake up at 9:45am or so, then stay awake until lunch at 11:00am, followed by another hour and a half of wake time, then a nap.  Rinse and repeat until bedtime.  It's not quite the feed/wake/sleep routine I'd like, but it works

.  It's been constantly amazing to realize that Tommy pretty much sets his own schedule and can't really be 'forced' into anything.  My job is just to recognize the signs of a major schedule change (like going from every 3 hr. feedings to every 4 hr.) and to guide him into making it a pattern.

He's becoming quite the sitter these days and can sit up by himself for up to 10 minutes!  Last night when Mark and I were on the floor reading our bedtime story, Tommy just sat there looking around for the whole time, only falling over twice when he leaned too far over to reach his toes for a nice before bedtime snack.


Can you tell we have fun with this kid?

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