Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend at Point Reyes

We so enjoyed our time at Point Reyes a few months ago that we made plans to come back again. We arrived Friday afternoon and headed straight to the beach. The next day, we hit the beach again and stayed all day long (and we have the sunburns to prove it!) The kids played by themselves. The parents read books and napped. We all played together. Then read our books and napped again. It was a pretty relaxing time.

But more than what we did, is what we didn't do. We didn't have a plan. We didn't have a schedule to keep. There weren't any chores, or nap times or quiet times. At home, life runs well when we have a plan and a schedule. But it's also nice to get away from it once in a while.

On the way home from Point Reyes on Sunday afternoon, we stopped by Berkeley. We had lunch in downtown (and had the most amazing mint chocolate chip ice cream I've ever tasted!). Then we went on to Adventure Playground, which is about an acre full of junk that kids can build with and make their own creations. The boys spent two hours there, and didn't want to leave. While the boys played, Lucy and I hung out at the Marina. 
It was really a wonderful weekend. :)

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