Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recovery & Rockets

I mentioned in the last post that Mark had an emergency appendectomy. He's been slowly recovering the past two weeks. He's doing a lot better now, but for the first week he basically lived in his recliner in the living room. He couldn't move around much except to get up to do his hourly lap around the house. So we had to get creative about how he spent time with the boys (who were seriously in need of some daddy one-on-one time). He played a lot of games with the boys and worked on a lot of crafts, which worked out well.

We got a model rocket kit and built it together.

 The kits said they were for ages 7+, but there was still a lot of ways the boys could help.

Tommy LOVED launching the rockets. After blast-off he would start hollering about how cool it was, and then run across the field to catch them as they landed via parachute. 

Benji did NOT like the rockets. The loud launch scared him. The first launch, he was 10 feet away. After that, he kept repeating, in a very cute way: "Daddy, I did NOT like that. It was TOO loud!" Every subsequent launch he was 15 feet further back. By the 4th launch, he was on the other side (width-wise) of a football field. But he did like counting down for us, yelling across the field. 

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  1. Too funny that your daredevil didn't like the rockets. Sounds like a cool kit, and it's great that boys could spend some quality time with Mark even when he was sick.