Friday, March 16, 2012

Foster Sister

We found out this week that we will most likely have Baby B for at least six more months, starting in April (so a total of seven to eight months). The likelihood of our adopting her has gone up a little, but there are still a lot of complicating factors. For now, we are excited that we will get to see many of her firsts - rolling over, sitting up, first foods, maybe even crawling and teeth. 

And since we will be seeing many of her firsts, we've started putting together a life book for her. This is an album-like book where we make notes about her personality, quirks, likes and dislikes, eating and sleeping habits, record milestones, and keep photos. The purpose of the book is so that when she moves on to her permanent home (whether it's an adoptive home or back with her birth-mom), she will be able to have a full picture of her first months while in foster care.

Please keep us in prayer over these next months. We are attaching to Baby B as if she was our own, which means lots of kisses, baby babbling (on our parts), holding, and snuggling. But it is always in the back of our heads that she will most likely move on to another home someday and we will have to say goodbye to her. Pray that our hearts would be full of love for her, but also guarded against any feelings of claim on her. 


  1. That gave me chills and tears. What a special gift she will have no matter what her future holds. :)

  2. She's a lucky girl! I'm happy you are getting another new experience in the world of foster care... We're almost ready to join you :) Praying for you all

  3. This picture is so sweet. Baby B is lucky to have such a loving family as she starts her life journey. Good luck!