Friday, September 16, 2011

Preschool Week 2

It was a really busy week and I was feeling like we didn't do much in the way of preschool. Then I looked at the photos from my camera from the past week and realized that we actually did a lot of good things. Most of the activities the kids did were things they took upon themselves to do.

 Writing practice. Tommy decided to try to write his name ("Tommy Napp") and his brother's name ("Benge Napp") and most of the family's names ("Grampa Napp"). Can you tell they're spelled phonetically? Being a first-born perfectionist that he is, Tommy really wanted me to tell him how to spell each word. Sometimes I do tell him how to spell things, but more often I try to have him spell them for himself and praise his efforts, even if they're less-than-perfect.

 Paper craft. Glue + strips of construction paper = 30 minutes of peace and quiet.

Play and lunch with friends and cousins. 

Outside craft time with cousins.

 Brother playtime.

Sweeping out the chicken coop. 

Making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I had planned to go to the library and then the playground on Friday morning. But after our busy week, I just felt like staying home and hanging out with the kids. So we made cookies together.

And enjoyed them with a cup of milk.

Other things we did not pictured:
- The boys watched intently while Mark gave the goats vaccinations and trimmed their hooves. Fun, no?
- Played a few board games together throughout the week
- Had a few reading lessons with our Bob books. I've been putting off reading lessons because Tommy's attention span is so short. He can only sit and focus on sounding words out for about five minutes before he gets frustrated and "forgets" how to sound things out. So I'm going to aim to work on reading every day, even if it's only for five minutes. Hopefully each short lesson will build upon another and bring us closer to the goal of reading. 
- Lots of free play both in the house and outside
- Unfortunately, we didn't do as much read-aloud as I'd like. We're slowly working through The Mouse and the Motorcycle and Falling Up, as well as The Tales of Beatrix Potter.

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  1. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies sound lovely. Anna was also very perfectionist in her spelling, but apparently her K teacher managed to convince her that writing is more important at the point than spelling. Amazingly she is able to read her completely misspelled words back to me :)