Friday, June 3, 2011


Because nothing compares with the electric-yellow yolk of a home-grown egg.

Because pastured, organic eggs can't be bought at the grocery store.

Because fresh eggs from pastured chickens is about 7 times healthier than store-bought eggs.

Because it puts us one step closer to sustainable living.

And because a friend had a rooster they were looking to get rid of...

We're getting chickens!

Starting to build the coop. Mark tells me this is called "framing". 

Benji "helping" build.

Almost complete...

Boys helping to paint. They actually painted all the red seen in this photo. They were awesome helpers. I just had to touch up a few spots they missed afterwards.

Here's a conversation I overheard while the boys were painting:
Ben: "Tommy, I'm done."
Tommy: "I don't think you're done. I think you're just tired of painting."
Ben: "Yeah, I'm tired of painting."
Tommy: "Well, I'm tired too, but I'm still doing it. You just need to do it!"


Tommy bonding with one of our baby chicks, currently being raised by Mark's mom.

Chicken secrets.

Stay tuned to find out what's next on the Knapp Farm!

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