Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Fish in Town

Last night Mark and I went to a Christmas party where we participated in a White Elephant gift exchange. By the end of the evening we were the new owners of a pair of fish, one healthy and the other very sickly. Not wanting to contaminate our healthy aquarium, Mark decided to give the fish a home in our outdoor fountain.

Since we were left with an empty fishbowl, we thought this would be a good time to get the boys their own fish. So, after breakfast this morning we went to Petco to pick out their new pets. They chose a pair of guppies, a yellow and an orange. We got a male and a female so they have the opportunity to mate, and any offspring can be transferred to our large aquarium. We had a name brainstorming session in the car on the way home with our new friends, and the boys decided on "Henry Oppermation" (Tommy's choice) for the boy fish and "Poppermation" (Ben's choice) for the girl fish. So far Henry and Poppy are happy in their new home.


  1. momtograciebea6:11 PM

    Hi! I'm a longtime lurker on the iVillage AB board and saw a link to your blog under your signature. Clicked on over and just had to tell you how beautiful your boys are and how nice it is to read your blog. Your pictures are stunning! I'm sincerely inspired to do one of my own.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


    (aka momtograciebea on iVillage)

  2. Cute names! Thank you for the card - you chose a wonderful picture for it :)