Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Highlight

To me, this weekend was a blur of trains, congestion (as in, my own nasal congestion due to a head cold), and redwood forests. But the one exciting part for everyone was almost getting run down by Thomas the Tank Engine. We were hiking through a state park when we came upon some railroad tracks and a train bridge. We paused, debating whether to cross it, and not hearing the clunk clunk clunk of a train nor a train whistle, we decided to start crossing. We didn't get very far before we did hear the clunk clunk clunk of a train, a very quiet diesel engine. We backtracked our steps and quickly headed down the bank so as not to get, as Tommy would say, "smooshed" by the train. I'm only trusting steam engines from now on - at least they whistle while they're coming at you.

Climbing up the bank to the tracks.

Thomas' plastic smile added an element of irony to the situation.

Not too sure about that bridge anymore.

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  1. I take it you went to Felton. Did you actually get to write the train? We really enjoyed the ride last fall and plan to repeat it this fall too - sometime around Anna's birthday. It was beautiful up there!