Thursday, February 4, 2010

Letter to Myself

Dear Self,
I know that you've always had a love/hate relationship with your hair. You seem to like the way long hair looks, but hate the effort involved in caring for your very thick and dense head of hair. When you were a little girl, you liked the look of luxurious blond tresses down your back, but hated the time it took (your mother) to blow it dry and brush it out.

When you became an adult, you slowly shortened the length inch by inch every few months until finally around the time you became engaged, you chopped it all off. Boy, what a relief that was! Hair maintenance time was cut by three-quarters! However, you grew dissatisfied with your hair style and length over time, because you felt your hairstyle wasn't feminine enough. You thought you looked boyish in your haircut, especially because you tend to wear basic comfortable clothes, like jeans and t-shirts, which aren't very feminine. So you decided to grow it out. Then you cut it again. Then you grew it out again. Then you cut it again. You get the idea.

Please listen to me: your femininity and worth is not contained in the length of your hair. Your femininity is in every loving action to your husband, time spent listening patiently to a hurting friend, and in the special snuggle times with your children. It doesn't make you any less feminine to have short hair. And your worth is in knowing that you are God's child, that He came down to this earth to save you from certain darkness, and that He loves you no matter what you look like.

Please trust me in this more practical matter: you don't want to grow your hair out again, at least not for a very long time, like years. Do you like five-minute long showers instead of fifteen-minute long showers? Do you like hair maintenance that takes five minutes instead of twenty minutes? Then please quit growing your hair out and leave it short!  It looks cute!

That's it. Keep up the good work with those boys.


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  1. I always had my hair short... until I met my husband who wanted it longer. Or the sacrifice! I think short hair rocks, and it looks good on you, and one day I'll get back to it too.