Saturday, June 23, 2007

Squatting at Mom & Dad's House

We've been living with Mark's parents for a week now, with one more week to go until our house closes escrow. This is the house Mark grew up in and it's been fun for Tommy's grandparents and great-grandmother to see him do the things Mark did as a baby in the same places he did them. We are so glad we decided to move to this town. Tommy will likely go to the same schools his father did, if we decide to put the kids in public school.

We've realized how much we missed living in a rural area, seeing cows and horses everywhere, and actually walking on dirt on the side of the road. There is also an amazing local orchard within walking distance, not to mention other fresh fruit and vegetable stands everywhere. Last night we took a walk down the street and saw...stars! We could never see stars in the city because there were always too many lights, trees, and buildings. We don't miss the city traffic, constant stream of strip malls, or the cramped feeling. I think we're really going to enjoy living here.

- Autumn


Mark (on the right) and his brother taking a bath

Img 4839-1

Tommy taking a bath in the same tub, 25 years later.

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